Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins started his career in the Financial Service Industry with Nationwide Insurance Company of Columbus Ohio, in 1970.  In 1973 Dan became an account executive in the Columbus Ohio office of Merrill Lynch. He left production in 1979 to move to New York, to become a product manager. In1989 he went out on his own and started a money management and financial consulting small business.

Dan is a current events commentator who writes for Thehill.com, The DalyCaller.com, Constuition.com, Reaganbaby.com, The dailysurge.com and clashdaly.com and appears on radio and TV across the nation. He is the author of a trilogy on Radical Islamic Nuclear Terrorism against the United States called the Brother of the Red Nile and also writes children’s books.

Dan and his wife Gerri founded in 2014, a 501c3 foundation called Songs and Stories for Soldiers, Inc. Their foundation is operating in 53 VA and active duty hospitals across the United States helping soldiers with PTSD, sleep deprivation and suicide prevention. In just over 24 months the foundation has distributed over 10,000 MP3 players.  The website is songsandstoriesforsoldiers.us.