Donald P. Mazzella

Donald P. Mazzella is COO and Editorial Director of Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI), a company that helps small business managers, HR professionals, and healthcare industry stakeholders improve profits. He currently oversees an Internet publication network with more than 4.5 million opt-in small business readers and a million more stakeholders in HR and healthcare. 

His latest book is An American Family Sampler from ibooks, Inc.; he co-authored a book on marketing to small business, The Janus Principle, Focusing Your Company On Selling To Small Business. 

A nationally known speaker, he has appeared on television (MSNBC, Bloomberg) and dozens of radio programs as well as being quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal. 

He is anchor or co-anchor of two weekly radio shows, Small Business Digest and Two Men From Verona. In addition, he is a guest on an average of 5 radio and television programs each week. 

Prior to ISI, Mr. Mazzella was the Publisher of Income Opportunities magazine which was owned by Essence Communications. He won a National Press Club award for best consumer story. 

He has previous senior management experience with Thomson-Reuters, McGraw-Hill and Informatics in both the editorial and production functions. 

He holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from New York University.