Alex Marlantes, Everlance. Shawn Spiker, HiTec. Apr 20, 2018

Alex Marlantes is CEO and Founder of Everlance
Everlance applies today's technology to automate mileage and expense tracking and reporting. They tracks your trips automatically with an easy to use App, so you don't have to. When you go for a drive, their intelligent drive technology detects your trips automatically in the background. One may classify trips with a single swipe on a mobile device. You can generate beautiful reports effortlessly as Excel spreadsheets or PDF documents. Optimizing efficiency means that people, on average, discover more than $6,500 in tax deductions. Alex Marlantes reveals how independent workers and entrepreneurs view and handle annual tax requirements set forth by the Internal Revenue Service.

Shawn Spiker is the Sales Manager at &
HiTec is an international multiplex for electronic motors, technical gear and devices, software downloads, technical forums, support and more. It is a base for technical products. HiTec is spelled H-I-T-E-C and you can find their websites by searching for H-I-T-E-C. HiTec branched into a new division with HiTec Solutions. This is where pioneers find precise technical tools for their state of the art work. This includes laser equipment for cutting and engraving, electronics for small, medium and high production, and more. Shawn Spiker of HiTec gives us some insights into the success of an industry that helped bring the future to us today, and how it is growing to meet demand. Shawn, we welcome you to Recalculating for Small Business.