Mike Brown, LendEDU. Brad Lehl, Lutz Mergers & Acquisitions. Apr 24, 2018

Mike Brown is the Research Analyst at LendEDU
Their unique website at LendEDU.com, is where students and others compare loan refinance rates and save time and money by comparing options. LendEDU creates transparency in these markets and it helps consumers make educated decisions. This comes from the benefit of proper analysis and information. Surveys play a big role in this by giving us useful data for perspectives we would otherwise not obtain. Take, for instance, the pertinent question of: what would many Americans do for a raise? The answers might surprise you.

Brad Lehl is the Merger & Acquisitions Manager at Lutz.us
Lutz offers accounting services, technical services and development, financial planning and services as well as marketing and acquisitions. Brad Lehl (spelled L-E-H-L) has more than 20 years of related experience. His specialty is in marketing and acquisition advisory services, and he emphasizes seller representation from engagement to close. Brad is here to tell us about the importance of: earnings before interest, taxes and amortization. This is better known by its acronym, EBITDA, E-B-I-D-T-A. This is of particular importance to companies thinking of selling or raising capitol.