Skyler Madison, Marketing Creative Writing. Ramez Baassiri, Interrupted Entrepreneurship. Sep 14, 2018

Skyler Madison founded The Creative Writer's Way workshops and coaching out of Los Angeles.  Her Blog Talk Radio program and YouTube channel, also titled 'The Creative Writer's Way,' sends weekly podcasts to an array of listeners.  Likewise, we blog posts reveal her discoveries of how writers can tap their inner potential to create.  This is because there is still a market and an increasing demand for original work and creative writing.  All of this can be found at 

Ramez Baassiri is one of the leading experts on family business, Raméz A. Baassiri is known for his stories and strategies that are helping business leaders and entrepreneurs find their Mass Transformative Purpose—their “why”—and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. As such, he authored the Best-Selling book: Interrupted Entrepreneurship